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My Security Bookshelf

I recently was asked, “What books, article, websites, blogs, or videos do you recommend for those just beginning in Cybersecurity?”
It’s a great question with many answers. Too bad you can’t just come to my office and look on my bookshelf…

There are many reading and viewing options for cybersecurity.  The challenge isn’t the lack of material, but the overabundance (which is a good topic for another blog post).
The following resources are great for all levels of cybersecurity professionals.

Blogs & websites:

– Bruce Schneier on Security:
– Dark Reading:
– CSO Online:
– Threatpost:


– RSA Conference 2014 On-Demand Sessions:
– TED Talks Playlist, Who are the hackers? –
– TED Talk, Bruce Schneier: The security mirage:
–  Cambridge Ideas, Professor Risk (Dr. David Spiegelhalter):


– “The Cuckoo’s Egg,” Clifford Stoll,
– “Secrets & Lies,” Bruce Schneier
– “The Art of Deception,” Kevin Mitnick
– “Spies Among Us,” Ira Winkler

Book Reviews & Commentary:

– At the 2014 RSA Conference, Rick Howard of Palo Alto Networks  gave a talk titled, “The Cybersecurity Canon: Must-Reads.” You can also find the list of his favorite cyber/security books on his Terebrate blog at

– Ben Rothke, a well-known security guru / speaker / writer, provides numerous book reviews for RSA including The Best New Books from RSA Conference 2014.  You can see all of his RSA blog posts at

The time you spend on these resources will be well spent in developing yourself as a cybersecurity professional.  If you have one you think is missing, please provide a reply or email me.

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