Cyberwar – Is it Happening Now? – Part 2

Cyberwar as a term, concept, and action isn’t going away.  We are stuck with it.  The challenge is how do we define it?   Whether or not we’re even in a Cyberwar now is entirely open to opinion and personal biases. 

It makes for a great debate, which is what happened last Wednesday, February 22nd at Bellevue University.  That afternoon, Dr. Matt Crosston and I debated this topic in front of a full audience of students, professors, and other interested parties.  We addressed the problem with definitions and perceptional bias.  Our goal was to get participant thinking about the real issues, so we can begin to develop real solutions.

You can see the seminar/webinar/debate yourself at
After you watch it, please feel free to comment with your ideas or opinions on cyberwar. Is it really happening now?