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Bellevue University Cybersecurity Skill Valuation Survey

A request for your help:

I would like to ask you for your advice as we develop a new academic program in Cybersecurity.   Here at Bellevue University and the College of Information Technology, we periodically review whether our academic programs are meeting the expectations of students and employers.   As a leader in your business area, we value your views on the skills you would expect of an employee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity.  Conceptually, this would be an employee with a current (or future) role in your organization who would be responsible for various operational aspects of securing your information systems.  Below is a link to a short survey which will record your views about the skills you would expect of such a graduate / employee.

It will be most beneficial if you could complete the survey by Feb 14, 2012.  I sincerely appreciate you taking a few moments to complete the survey and provide us with your valuable advice on this matter as we strive to improve our programs for the benefit of both students and employers. 

We will publish a summary of the results of this survey after its completion.