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Happy Holidays from the BU CCE!

Happy Holidays from the Bellevue University Center for Cybersecurity Education!

In this holiday season of giving, we are using online merchants more than ever.  They provide an easy and convenient way of finding that perfect present for your loved ones.  Of course, these merchants don’t take cash or check; you must use some type of credit.  To help protect your online financial identity, this blog post provides some simple tips to help you keep your online buying safe.

You can protect yourself online anytime of the year by doing a few very simple things:

  • The best thing you can do as a user is to stop and think about the websites you visit and the business you conduct online.   
  • Don’t click links assuming they are legitimate; always verify where they take you.  Remember, if it is too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Use unique passwords for your accounts.  Ask yourself if you could use those passwords at work.  If you can, those passwords may help provide at least some level of protection.  Change your passwords often and make them different.  These passwords are an attacker’s access to your accounts; protect the passwords as you would protect the keys and title to your car.
  • Check your credit report once a year for free at  Make sure there is nothing appearing that you don’t agree with or know about.
  • Use a credit card or payment service like Paypal.  That greatly limits your liability should your card number or payment be stolen.
  • Secure your personal data on your PC as you would your paper files.

By maintaining a little vigilance, you can save yourself many headaches.  Please help share the word about online safety.  Also, share your tips, so we can all learn.

We hope everyone has a safe and secure holiday season!