Professor Karla Carter had a great opportunity to participate in this year’s virtual Congressional Visits Day through an opportunity put together by IEEE-USA, . When asked about the opportunity Professor Carter really stressed the need of building career opportunities for STEM graduates.

I’m excited that IEEE-USA put together this opportunity for STEM-interested voters to meet with our congressional representatives to discuss how STEM legislation affects our local area and state. While I am meeting as an individual citizen, my membership as one of 516 in the Nebraska section of IEEE and my position as a cybersecurity professor at Bellevue University add dimension to the conversation. As the workplace requires more technical knowledge it’s important to have STEM graduates who have a wide range of career opportunities available to them locally so they may contribute to our society and economy – and keep Nebraska strong. Cybersecurity, especially, is something that touches upon all areas of life, public and private, so legislation that promotes investment in cybersecurity infrastructure and defenses at all levels is essential.