Security Education

An Introduction

I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself.  I’m Professor Douglas Rausch and have recently taken over the role of the Cybersecurity Program Director from Professor Ron Woerner.  Ron has moved back to industry but don’t worry, he is still an adjunct Professor in the program at Bellevue and I’m sure will still be an active contributor to this blog.

I joined the full-time faculty at Bellevue about a year ago after serving in an adjunct position for about a year and a half.  Although I taught across both the undergraduate and graduate programs my focus was as director of the undergraduate cybersecurity program. That changed with Ron’s departure and I now oversee both programs.

Prior to joining the University, I spent 26 years in the Air Force as a communications and cyber operations officer.  It was great fun and an exciting time.  As with all of our instructors, I use those ‘on the job’ experiences to take the foundational concepts we teach in the classroom and provide thoughts on their application to the challenges you will meet each day as a cybersecurity professional.

rausch-web-hs-medWell, that’s a little bit about me.  I’m looking forward to using this forum to discuss the evolving world of cybersecurity as well as some of our activities here at the University.