As cybersecurity professionals we are placed in a position of trust in the organizations we work for. We may hold elevated credentials, or even know all the vulnerabilities of the systems we protect. As such, ethics is an important topic. Ysa brings another aspect of our ethical behavior that is just as important.

As a nation, we need to take a pause and LISTEN. I mean REALLY listen to the people who are crying out to have their rights as citizens restored. We must pause and reflect on ways to remedy this situation; how do we ensure that we live by the words of the Founding Fathers and treat all men equally? As IT professionals, we must take the ethical route, we must be professionals and good ambassadors to our profession, and we must ensure that these wrongs are righted.  Remember, every waterfall started as a trickle and grew to a roar, the same goes for impacting change. You CAN make a difference.

All you have to do is start by listening.