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BU Participates in Hack-a-Sat CTF

Expanding on the activities of our National Cyber League team three BU students and two faculty members joined forces with a Colorado based space technology company to compete in the Department of Defense sponsored DEFCON Hack-a-Sat capture the flag (CTF) competition. Over the course of the Memorial Day weekend players were presented with multiple challenges centered around exploiting the various technologies utilized in communicating with and securing satellite ground stations, communication links, and on orbit satellites. All entities were simulated but the technology was real. The purpose of the competition was to select ten teams to move on to the finals at virtual DEFCON where players would be exposed to more virtual and some live entities to discover security flaws for the DoD. The ultimate bug bounty program! BU’s team did not make it to the final 10 but did place 68th out of 1,268 teams.

Online Safety Tips

Student Guest Post – Ysa Love-Rowland

From time to time we highlight student blog posts centered around a variety of cybersecurity topics. Today we welcome a new contributor, Ysa Love-Rowland.

Sextortion, Bitcoin and Fraud

Sounds like a new age version of ‘Sex, Lies and Videotapes’ except this isn’t a movie.  This is real life.  I should know; I am one of the people they tried to target.  Click on the link below to read more about the new sextortion scam that is going around and what YOU can do if you are targeted as well.